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Science Discovered Microscopic Algae: A "Perfect Match" for Human Nutrition

Posted by Team Connections on Feb 21, 2018 11:31:45 AM
Let’s go back in time, approximately 3.5 billion years ago - to the VERY beginning. That duration of time is difficult for our human brains to comprehend. Yet, microorganisms were thriving in the primordial oceans of our young planet. They were converting energy from the sun into essential nutrients and this marked the beginning of life on Earth. These organisms were phytoplankton.

Now let’s jump ahead to the 1960’s when human’s began studying phytoplankton. This all started in Europe, specifically in Spain. A physician named Dr. Luvian who worked at the University of Cadiz, a microbiological university, specifically studying marine sciences. His team traveled all over the earth gathering different strains of phytoplankton from the oceans as part of their research.

They were focused on ocean phytoplankton because they knew that marine phytoplankton was the foundational, functional food for the Earth's ocean and necessary for the survival of the planet. If you took the marine phytoplankton out, everything in the ocean would die.
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Purchase CareWare Now!

Posted by Kathy Hong on Dec 5, 2017 11:55:00 AM

We are so excited to announce that ForeverGreen's CareWare is now available for purchase! CareWear can be used as a tool to monitor vitals to help you see what changes need to be made in your life to be a better you.

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Can "Health Nuts" Really Be Malnourished?

Posted by Team Connections on Oct 14, 2017 1:51:48 PM

Back in the day, people grew and harvested fruits and vegetables to live; these foods were full of vital nutrients from the land, and nourished the people. Today, we’re told to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet, but even if you are eating them, something is missing.

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Take this Vital Component to Blast Inflammation

Posted by Team Connections on Oct 9, 2017 12:22:55 PM

Did you know that inflammation is known as “the secret killer” and is the cause of many major diseases and health issues? Chronic inflammation has long been known to play a role in diseases like asthma, arthritis, Crohn’s, Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and Parkinson’s disease. A root cause of many diseases, it's time to get your inflammation under control.

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The #1 Reason People Visit their Doctor is due to...

Posted by Team Connections on Sep 23, 2017 6:39:43 PM

More and more doctors are treating patients' various symptoms rather than getting to the heart of the matter! Heart disease is the #1 killer of both men and women, claiming more lives than the next nine causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer. 

"We're not managing some of the most common and deadly cardiovascular risk factors as well as we think we are. We are living with a false sense of security that could be fatal," says Dr. Beth Abramson, Cardiologist and spokesperson for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

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Secret to a Flatter Stomach and Better Digestion

Posted by Team Connections on Sep 11, 2017 7:39:26 PM

A common question we receive from clients who are committed to dropping weight is “What can I do to speed up the weight loss? At this rate, it could be years before I reach my goal.” Whether you’re following a diet of raw food, ketogenic, paleo, or simply looking to restore energy and beat the bloat, it’s essential to add this one vital component. It’s not trendy, but it’s effective...digestive enzymes.

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Best Vitamins for Beautiful Skin

Posted by Team Connections on Sep 4, 2017 8:53:46 PM

People of all ages struggle with skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, dry skin, wrinkles, and sun damage, among others. While conventional medical professionals often discount the connection between skin health and nutrition, decades of peer reviewed studies have shown strong evidence to support the influence of certain vitamins and antioxidants that improve the health and quality of your skin.

There are six nutrients that are known to play a role in the proper growth and immunity of the skin, and many people have found that their skin health has dramatically improved after making purposeful changes to their daily diet. 

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The Pain Relieving Strip You MUST Try, I Swear by it!

Posted by Team Connections on Aug 28, 2017 9:40:59 PM

I felt compelled to share my thoughts about an effective pain relief product making global headlines. Being one of the original members of ForeverGreen for 13 years now, it thrills me to witness how effective this product has been for so many people. I’m a product girl and love helping people find solutions to their health issues/problems. With millions of people who suffer from various degrees of pain daily, I find PowerStrips versatile and most importantly safe, which may differ from how many would describe over the counter or prescription drugs.

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