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Secret to a Flatter Stomach and Better Digestion

Posted by Team Connections on Sep 11, 2017 7:39:26 PM

Enzymes for Better Digestion and flat stomachA common question we receive from clients who are committed to dropping weight is “What can I do to speed up the weight loss? At this rate, it could be years before I reach my goal.” Whether you’re following a diet of raw food, ketogenic, paleo, or simply looking to restore energy and beat the bloat, it’s essential to add this one vital component. It’s not trendy, but it’s effective...digestive enzymes.

Nearly every person can benefit from supplementation with enzymes. People may improve their absorption and utilization of nutrients through the use of digestive enzymes. Of course, the benefits will vary, depending upon the individual’s diet and general health. Individuals in good health can expect to notice less fullness after meals, increased energy, faster emptying of the stomach contents, decreased gas and regular bowel habits.

How do Enzymes Work?
Enzymes are designed to assist the digestion of foods, remove toxicity on a cellular level, increase production of energy, and also increase cellular regeneration.

Why Would I Need to Take Enzymes? 
If you’re looking to boost your weight loss results, improve energy (especially following a meal), improve skin issues, alleviate digestive issues, cleanse the blood and the body at a cellular level, enzymes are perfect for you. Supplementing replaces the naturally-occurring food enzymes that are lost in cooking and processing.

Additional Benefits:
  • Facilitates proper digestion
  • Reduces gas
  • Reduces bloating
  • Improves absorption of nutrients
  • Eliminates heartburn due to inadequate digestion
  • Reduces adverse food reactions
  • Controls seom food allergies

What Type of Enzymes Should I Take?
Scientists have identified key enzymes that help break down food. Amylase is an enzyme that facilitates starch digestion, protease works on proteins, cellulase breaks down plant fibers, and lipase digests fats. 

It’s important to buy quality enzymes to do the job. A concentrated blend of the four enzymes with no toxic fillers, no preservatives, no stimulants, gluten
 free, soy free, lactose free, and sugars free. We suggest: 
ForeverGreen’s Digestive Enzymes.

Can I Use Enzymes Between Meals?
Yes. There is growing research that suggests and promote the use of Enzymes on empty stomachs. It’s suggested that Enzymes will help with the breakdown of undigested food in the blood stream, intestinal tract, and body tissues to prevent food fermentation and further digestive issues. 

SYMPTOMS of Enzyme Deficiencies:
Indigestion (or slow digestion), heartburn, bloating, gas, low immunity, cysts, inflammation, chronic fatigue, allergic reactions, hay fever, acne, psoriasis, rashes, hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, gallstones, insomnia, and bowel disorders such as IBS, Crohn’s, diverticulitis, constipation or diarrhea.


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